In the Traditional Chinese Medicine understanding, gaining weight means that someone is, somehow, accumulating something that should have been used for our energy.

This something, fatness, indicates a factor in the body that we call “dampness.” Dampness, as we may suppose, is something tough to be eliminated. It is slow, heavy, and accumulated in our body by some imbalances in several organs, but mostly in our Pancreas.

But, not only Pancreas is involved with the gaining weight process… have you ever thought about how many times we look for food to make ourselves calm or to supply some absence in our lives?

So, emotional factors log into this complex account. These factors are often translated in our consciousness as “anxiety”, “sadness”, “disappointment.”

Acupuncture’s role, in these cases, is to correct the imbalance between organs enrolled in the process of gaining weight and, at the same time, to avoid emotional triggers by needling some specific points in the body.

Moreover, you can fit a Medical Acupuncture section in your losing weight agenda. Your Acupuncturist Physician may help you also with dietetic orientations to help you through this journey.

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